Latent Power TurbinesTM and population expansion into

hot arid regions



LP Turbines absorb heat from theatmosphere to generate electricity.


This means that if LP Turbines are used for cooling buildings in hot arid climates a surplus of electricity will be produced.


Some of this electricity could be used for pumping sea water inland where additional LP Turbines could be used to  power out of town freeze desalination plants.
These plants would cool sea water to below 0oC so that ice was frozen out as fresh water.
The ice could be transported back into town and allowed to melt in covered troughs above head height, along the busier streets of the town.

The fresh water would then be sprayed into the air to create a cooling mist.





Figure 1. At night and during the cooler months of the year, the misting systems would be switched off and the water used for irrigating the roots of trees along the streets.



You can find further details of the LP Turbine project by clicking here.