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The wages of research fraud can be promotion



In spite of substantive evidence of research and financial fraud being presented to Manchester University, as detailed on this web site, Bill Courtney's research supervisor, Dr Oyadiji was promoted from Lecturer to Reader.


First exhibit

During the years 1996-2003 that Bill Courtney was trying to develop SALi Technology in the face of obstruction, his research supervisor held the post of Lecturer in Engineeering.



Second exhibit
After 2003, when Bill started his campaign to expose the research and financial fraud by Oyadiji et. al., at Manchester University, his supervisor was promoted from Lecturer to Reader.



The full staff list is published at http://www.mace.manchester.ac.uk/people/staff/academic-staff/


You can use the Freedom of Information Act to find an answer to the question, “Was the case for Dr Oyadiji’s promotion supported by any of the other perpetrators of the PedSALi and CrashSALi research/financial frauds?”


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