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Bill asks his MP to investigate the threat to British research and innovation caused by unethical conduct at Manchester University


9th December 2014

Dear Mr Brady,


In principle, the Chancellor‘s decision to invest £235 Million in a new Manchester based Sir Henry Royce Materials Centre is to be welcomed. However, I allege that the Chancellor has been misled by the University because of its failure to disclose information about earlier materials science research fraud. There is also evidence that a University employee has leaked details of my intellectual property to China, but the University has declined to investigate.

 As I explain at www.cheshire-innovation.com/sali/CrashSALi-Project.htm you were also misled by the University back in 2005 when you got too close to the truth.

Details of the Chinese problem are also presented on this page.

 Before public money is invested, these claims relating to corruption at Manchester University must be addressed. I would be grateful if you would draw the matter to the attention of the appropriate government department.

 In part, this corruption relates to soft pedestrian friendly car bumpers. It may have cost the UK several million Pounds per year in export orders, engineering jobs and worst of all, cost pedestrian lives.

Other pedestrians may be crippled for life as a result of the deceit.

I have personally lost at least £140,000 on futile international patents and other costs. In addition, I have lost the opportunity to earn income from royalties, of the order of millions of Pounds per year. (I had planned to invest this money in developing the power generator referred to below.)


A formal enquiry panel at the University dismissed my research fraud and IP theft claims by citing the findings of a prior “Technical Committee” that cleared the University and suggested instead that I was professionally incompetent.


But this committee is a work of fiction.
(i) Freedom of Information requests to the University cannot produce any evidence that this Technical Committee existed.

(ii) One purported member wrote to me denying membership.

(iii) Following the theft of his research materials, ten attacks on his temporary Manchester home and other problems, another purported member resigned his Manchester post in despair.  He went back to China two years before this fictional committee is supposed to have met.

(iii) The three other “members” of this “committee” are the people I allege are guilty of the fraud.

(iv) Verifiable details of the above are published on my web site.


In contrast, I presented the enquiry panel with independent research evidence from Cardiff University to support my car bumper injury reduction claims. But this is not referred to in their report.


In January 2015, the chair of the panel that created the fictional “Technical Committee” will take up a new post as Head of the Physics and Astronomy Department at Leeds University.

Leeds University has played no part in the Chinese problem or the Manchester fraud. But I am worried that unless these issues are addressed as a matter of urgency, a second Russell Group University will be tarnished by association.  


(As you can see, I am copying the dean of Mathematics and Physical Sciences at Leeds University into this email.)


The damage done to my work on power generator design

I have received £180,000 public funding to help my company develop a new type of power generator. This work is making good progress and details are published on the Cheshire Innovation web site. (www.cheshire-innovation.com/LP%20Turbine%20theory.htm) If successful, it will reduce UK energy bills and make a significant contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

I have been working on this design since I studied thermodynamics at university in the 1960’s and filed my first related patent application 22 years ago. However, the problems at Manchester University may have delayed its development by up to ten years.

If our current results scale up as predicted, there will be a backlash against academic science when this “ten year” delay in reducing energy bills and defeating climate change becomes public knowledge.


I am planning to submit a paper about our power generator to the science journal Nature in spring 2015.

 Yours sincerely,

Bill Courtney

Cheshire Innovation / Latent Power Turbines Ltd 
17 Vale Road, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15 7TQ, UK
Tel/Fax  +44 (0) 161 980 5191
Web site www.cheshire-innovation.com


What happened next

Graham Brady MP informed Bill that he had written to Manchester University to hear their side of the story. As far as Bill is aware, no response has been received to date.


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