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SALi - Business & Research Opportunities

SALi has the potential to solve many impact, blast and vibration problems. We are not at the stage where we can offer "off the shelf" solutions to difficult problems but our knowledge base is set to expand rapidly during the next few months. There are excellent opportunities for imaginative innovators who want to take advantage of this new technology. But, please be warned: We need to protect the integrity of SALi Technology. You will be expected to invest in research and testing to establish the viability of your proposal. We can work with you, to apply for the various pots of UK and European funding, to defray your research costs.

 You are welcome to visit our research facilities in the Manchester University Simon Engineering Building.

Protecting the interests of everyone involved

Cheshire Innovation works closely with The University of Manchester in the development of SALi Technology. Any discussions that you may have with Bill Courtney relating to research or commercial exploitation of SALi are strictly "for information only". Following any initial discussions with Bill, he will introduce you to representatives of Manchester Innovation Ltd, the commercialisation arm of the University. MIL will then negotiate working agreements with you.

 You can make first contact with us direct from this web site.